Have you thought about exclusive production?

Introducing the ZYA Production House (ZPH), E&I's manufacturer. Continue reading to see how we can help you bring your designs to life.

Through ZPH, E&I have the resources, skill and experience to help both upcoming and established designers realise their vision, turning ideas and sketches into ready finished garments.

ZPH coordinates all production and produces through our family run company based in Guangzhou, China. With the help of our team in Sydney, we communicate directly with the pattern makers, samplers, and fabric buyers at the factory. We also have our own in house translator!

ZPH understand the importance of producing well made clothes, therefore our quality control team ensure that there are no issues by maintaining a high level of care.

ZPH offer all clients a 70 unit minimum per order, and the freedom to choose their own size break ups, given that there are at least 5 units per size requested. ZPH is here to listen and will source options for your designs based on your budget.

ZPH have established themselves as a trusted resource within the fashion industry, working closely with current designers and labels.

To know more about manufacturing, please visit the ZPH web page to see how we can assist you with your production needs:

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